90% - the likelihood that you are protein deficient. We seriously aren’t making this up, you can look at the NSSO survey (they call this the Protein Energy Malnutrition in case are googling).

This gap has got nothing to do with income or where you live. The richer you get the poorer you eat.

At this point, many of you’re thinking, “duh! this is for vegetarians”. 85% of non-vegetarians in India have the protein gap. 

This does not mean you are eating unhealthy. Our food just isn’t what it used to be. The quantity of protein in our lentils (dals) has decreased 60% over the last decade. So yes, your ancestors were able to get enough protein from simple home cooked meals but you can’t.

You might feel fine, but there is a high chance that you have fatigue, hair loss, weaker muscles or food cravings due to this protein gap.

The simple truth is you need protein that you aren’t getting enough from your current diet. So take some time to evaluate how much protein you are currently get from your diet. It is likely the right time to add some protein power to your diet and get that zing back.

Source: NSSO Survey, IMRB, MINT

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