Our Philosophy

Real Food NOT supplements

At the core, we're all about food. We've blended whey made from the antibiotic free milk of grass-fed cows with natural curcumin-rich turmeric & pure anti-oxidant laden green tea.

foodstrong india's first turmeric protein made with antibiotic free grassfed whey

Simply(fied) for you

We have packed these in single serve sachets so you don’t need to bother with scales or scoops. Simply rip, stir and drink.

foodstrong antibiotic free whey protein sachets

Relentlessly clean

We are as obsessed about what we keep out of our foods as we are about what we add into them. Our blends have no soy, no GMO, no antibiotics, no preservatives, no trans fat. Strictly no nasties!

foodstrong whey protein from antibiotic free milk


Tasty or healthy cannot be a compromise. Real good food is delicious. We won’t have it any other way. So cheers to your good health with good food(strong)!

foodstrong protein made with antibiotic free grassfed whey shakes