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Being a crossfit trainer, it's critical to get clean protein to keep my fitness levels up. Foodstrong's hormone-free grass-fed whey shakes are a high quality source of protein for me.

Anshuman (Cross-fit Trainer)

Loved the kesar badam! Amazing combination of kesar, nuts, whey protein and some amazing immunity boosting ingredients!  Good health doesn’t mean eating tasteless food and foodstrong has made a perfect blend!  Much recommended! 

Dr Trishala Chopra (N.D, A,M), Naturopathic physician Nutrition specialist, Lifestyle coach, Gut health specialist

"Foodstrong has made my regimen a joy! Seeing great results with Shape Shake. 26g of natural protein per sachet for the win!"

Swathi, CrossFit enthusiast

"Who would have thought protein powder could be this tasty! So much better than regular synthetic protein powder! Best of all it’s antibiotic free, free of any preservatives, GMO!"

Ekta, mom & lecturer

"My search for a clean protein powder ends with foodstrong. No nasties what so ever!"

Abhishek, gym junkie and investment professional

Shape Shake has been immensely effective in helping me tone up. It’s my perfect mini-meal between work & workouts. 

Sumedha, fashion designer and fitness enthusiast

From our cafe

Tangy Orange Basil Cooler

Tangy Orange Basil Cooler

Here's a super healthy, protein rich recipe to make you a refreshing cooler.
Mango Protein Pineapple Smoothie

Mango Protein Pineapple Smoothie

Here's a super healthy, protein rich recipe to make a delicious smoothie.
Tangy Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

Tangy Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

Try this super delicious tangy orange smoothie recipe with Fodostrong's Vegan Protein.

All about eating right!



Nutrition is known to be one of the key determinants of long term health outcomes. From early years right up...

Good Food Made Easy With Foodstrong

Good Food Made Easy With Foodstrong

Foodstrong - Good Made Easy! 

At its core, Foodstrong is all about nutrition and good food. So we blended whey made from the antibiotic free, hormone free milk of grass-fed cows with natural curcumin-rich turmeric and pure antioxidant laden green tea.
Are you getting enough protein?

Are you getting enough protein?

How much protein do you really need? If 24 gm of protein, 30 grams of scoop size and 5.765 gm...

WHAT THE WHEY- The Complete Beginners Guide to Whey Protein. 

WHAT THE WHEY- The Complete Beginners Guide to Whey Protein. 

Look anywhere online and you’ll be undoubtable bombarded with the myriad health benefits, tips, tricks & myths surrounding Whey Protein....


Our grass fed whey proteins can be consumed at anytime of the day.Anybody with an active lifestyle can consume additional protein. For a sedentary adult the protein requirement is 0.8 gm of protein per kg of body weight. For instance, a person who weighs 75 kg would require 60 grams of protein. In fact, The Indian Market Research Bureau suggests that protein deficiency in Indians is more than 80%. This is mainly because our regular diets are not protein rich but carbohydrate rich. Lack of protein can affect muscle mass, bone health and overall immunity.

We suggest having 1 serving a day.

All our products can be easily authenticated at

Each serving of Protein Shakes contains 24-26 gms. of protein.

All our protein shakes are infused with enzymes that help in easy digestion & absorption.

Yes, whey protein can be consumed by women. In fact bone density for women decreases after the age 50 and this can pose a risk for osteoperosis. Whey helps preserve bone density and maintain lean muscle mass.Since whey contains all the essential amino acids it also helps in the production of collagen, which helps in maintaining the hair and skin health